Our clients include directors, business owners and leaders, management, lawyers, creditors, financial institutions and Government bodies. While every challenge is different, they are united by the most valuable things we deliver:


We make decisive decisions and give our clients the confidence that in acting on our recommendation, it’s based on a thorough, proven process, decades of experience and deep insight into uncovering the value in any business or transaction.

What really sets us apart, and what our clients consistently tell us defines us as a partner, is something less common in this business.


We believe the best solutions to business challenges are creative ones. Solutions that go beyond what’s on the page and consider what could be. By believing in the power of creativity and hiring people who feel that way too, we consistently deliver solutions that business owners and other advisors might not see.

If you’ve been thinking about …

  • Considering strategic and operational restructuring options available to your business
  • Assistance with cash flow or financial forecasting for your business or discussions with your financier
  • Seeking support for turnaround management in your business and/or cost reduction, review or control
  • Getting an independent view on the performance of your business or one of your debtors
  • Exploring options regarding the solvency of your business
  • Extending or restructuring financing to assist with growing your business
  • Acquiring or divesting business assets
  • Engaging an independent expert for an opinion on matters such as:
    • the actions taken by a party to a contract; or
    • loss quantification
  • Seeking a valuation of a business or asset
  • Undertaking an independent adviser’s report under the Takeovers Code or NZX Listing Rules.

Then Calibre Partners can help.
We have diverse industry experience and are familiar with partnering with Government agencies and other key stakeholders.