Dispute resolution

We provide independent expert opinions to help resolve disputes. 

Providing an expert opinion is as much about communication as it is about analysis.  Our opinions are clearly articulated so our clients can understand the crux of a matter.  This is also important when an opposing party need to be convinced, or the matter is before a judge or arbitrator.

We provide expert advice on matters such as:

  • Quantifying damages in commercial disputes, insurance claims, and matters of professional and corporate negligence.  Damages include loss of profits, diminution of business value, and assessments in accordance with insurance policies. 
  • Analysis and investigations for parties in relationship property disputes, including business valuations, tracing of relationship assets, and quantifying economic disparity.
  • Valuing companies that are being compulsorily acquired under the Companies Act or the Public Works Act.
  • Review of company solvency and quantifying loss in directors’ duties claims. 
  • Proving independent opinions on the conduct of business valuers and insolvency practitioners.

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