Calibre Partners is a well-established commercial and financial advisory firm. Our business was founded in 1990; and has been known by a couple of other names before landing on the ‘Calibre Partners’ brand.

At Calibre Partners we specialise in giving our clients a fresh perspective on whatever challenge they face, then providing options for decisive action.

Whether considering a transaction, needing help with a dispute or navigating through a restructuring or other critical event, we start with seeing things differently, then use our experience, insight and creativity to preserve, grow and deliver value.

Our clients choose to partner with us because of our experience, technical skill and how we do business.

Our Mission:

Decisive decisions

Creative solutions

How we work

Our advice is built on experience, understanding and insights. We do things with creativity and by attracting, growing and retaining talented people. Leaders in our fields, we aim to provide confidence to our clients.

We are straight-talking and will always provide an honest view and fresh perspective.

We always act with empathy and care, partnering to consider the uniqueness of all our stakeholders. We consider the impact of everything we do and treat others as we would want to be treated.

We act decisively to help our clients navigate the path forward.

We have a Trans-Tasman reach for cross-border assistance.

Our Name:



What’s in a name?

In 2020 we rebranded to Calibre Partners (previously we were known as KordaMentha NZ). We chose the name Calibre Partners to express who we are and what we believe in.

To us, Calibre Partners means excellence. High standards, talented people, a focus on moving forward and doing what’s right and what is best. Precision and measurability. All the things our clients and business partners need most.

And partners? At Calibre Partners, it means ‘partnering’ by working alongside our clients and the people we deal with. It means forming a respectful and empathetic relationship and collaborating to find the best path forward.