Welcome to Calibre Partners

Decisive, creative, trusted business advisors.

In the best of times, and in the worst of times, businesses need trusted partners.

Partners to help them unlock opportunity, find ways to evolve, see synergies to connect and adapt.

Partners to paint a true picture of a business with fresh perspective. Identify what’s of value and act to preserve it, grow it or deliver it.

As leaders in our field, we help our clients navigate the path forward.

Our team of accounting and finance professionals has won its reputation as leading restructuring and business advisory specialists through decades of working with New Zealand businesses of all shapes and sizes, financial institutions and Government bodies.

We look forward to working with you, understanding your challenges and opportunities, and charting a course towards whatever outcome you’re seeking. 

Decisive decisions

Often, business challenges come about not always because bad decisions were made, but because decisions were delayed, or not made at all.

We use our insight and expertise to give the confidence needed to make the best decision at the right time.

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Creative solutions

We preserve and maximise value by giving a fresh perspective to our clients’ challenges. We provide them with unique insights based on our expertise, and options they can follow – which may well differ from what they would like to hear.