Company names

CBL Corporation Limited (3888838)
Deposit Power Limited (5413982)
South British Funding Limited (5481482)
CBL Corporate Services Limited (3755461)
LBC Holdings Americas Limited (5535411)
(All formerly ‘Administrators Appointed’, now ‘In Liquidation’)

LBC Holdings New Zealand Limited (4772359)
LBC Holdings UK Limited (4774859)
LBC Holdings Europe Limited (4774919)
LBC Holdings Australasia Limited (5535467)
LBC Treasury Company Limited (6040888)
(All formerly ‘Administrators Appointed’, now ‘Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement’)


Neale Jackson and Brendon James Gibson were appointed joint and several Administrators of each of the abovenamed companies on 23 February 2018 by special resolution of the directors of each of the abovenamed companies in accordance with Section 239I of the Companies Act 1993 (‘the Act’).

The watershed meetings for a number of companies in the CBL group were held on 18 December 2018. The outcome of those meetings was as follows: 

  • Deposit Power Limited, South British Funding Limited and CBL Corporate Services Limited: creditors resolved all three companies be placed in liquidation so they are now in liquidation. Brendon Gibson and Neale Jackson of Calibre Partners are the appointed liquidators. 
  • LBC Holdings New Zealand Limited, LBC Holdings UK Limited, LBC Holdings Europe Limited, LBC Holdings Australasia Limited and LBC Treasury Company Limited: creditors resolved that all five companies should execute deeds of company arrangement (‘DOCAs’) that were tabled at the meeting.
  • LBC Holdings Americas Limited: the watershed meeting for this company was not convened because it has creditors. In accordance with section 239E(2)(b) of the Act the administration of this company ended on 11 December 2018. LBC Holdings Americas Limited was placed in liquidation on 18 March 209 pursuant to Section 241(2)(a) of the Act.

CBL Corporation Ltd was placed in liquidation on 13 May 2019 by order of the High Court, Auckland pursuant to Section 241(2)(c) of the Act.  

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